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Camps on campus


Dalhousie’s faculty and students may spend much of their time in the lab and the classroom, but many of them also make time to open those spaces to school kids from Halifax and beyond.

The university has a number of outreach programs that invite grade school students to campus to take part in hands-on, engaging activities – not to mention some programs that bring Dalhousie students into school classrooms around the region. Here are just a few of them:


One of the most prominent outreach programs at Dal, SuperNOVA is student-run, non-profit organization that offers children and teenagers ages five to 18 high-quality, hands-on experiences in science, computer science, and engineering. Campers get to work on catapults, roller coasters, bouncy balls and countless other memorable contraptions and experiments.

Though best known for its popular summer campus at Dalhousie, the organization, which celebrated its 15th anniversary this year, also visits more than 200 classrooms across Atlantic Canada each year, extending its educational and entertaining activities to close to 10,000 children each year.

Dalplex Camps

During the warmer months, Dalhousie’s Dalplex facilities are filled with activity thanks to a variety of summer camps. The Active Kids Summer Camps, for kids five to 10 years old, involve a wide mix of sports: soccer, lacrosse, basketball, water polo, field hockey, soccer-baseball, track and field, and swimming. For those youths looking to specialize, there are also Superskills Summer Camps: skill-development oriented camps that encourage campers to focus on one game or sport, such as hockey, swimming or volleyball.

But camps and youth activities aren’t just a summer thing: Dalplex offers programs and lessons all year round, including the Active Kids After School Program, designed to keep children active while introducing them to a range of sports activities and providing a learning environmentwith a focus on fun, friendship and co-operation.

Science Fun and Discovery Days

Many departments in Dal’s Faculty of Science host activities for schools, bringing youths to campus to explore our facilities and learn more about the possibilities of science. This year’s set of Fun and Discovery Days, held in May and June, featured activities hosted by Psychology & Neuroscience, Physics, Math, Chemistry and Marine Biology, in total bringing more than 1,200 students to campus. From touch tanks and chemistry magic shows, to a hologram tent and math games, the activities are all up-beat, experimental and hands-on.

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