Effective September 1, NSAC will become the Faculty of Agriculture at Dalhousie University.


Camps on campus

Dalhousie’s faculty and students may spend much of their time in the lab and the classroom, but many of them also make time to open those spaces to school kids from Halifax and beyond. The university has a number of outreach programs that invite grade school students to campus to take part in hands-on, engaging ...

A garden that rocks

NSAC’s Rock Garden has become one of the university’s most valued features on campus and is arguably the largest and most diverse rock garden in the Maritimes. Extending over a half-acre of hillside, it brings a unique sense of diversity to the campus grounds and a natural green space that can be enjoyed by all. ...

Designing and doing

For Dalhousie architecture students, there’s something quite wonderful about designing and doing. In Cheverie, on Nova Scotia’s Noel Shore, they’ve been sawing, hammering, mixing cement and bricklaying since the start of this summer, with time out for a road trip to New Orleans and Savannah. What’s taking shape is getting a lot of attention: an ...